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The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPC A) is a volunteer-based organization of concerned citizens in the corporate, civic, lay, and professional communities working together to prevent child abuse. Its mission is to gain a nationwide commitment to prevent child abuse through the creation of sound policies, and awareness and prevention programs. It believes in the right of every child to have a safe and nurturing home, with parents who are adequately educated and supported in the art of good parenting.

The NCPCA membership consists of 67 chapters with affiliates throughout the states. Its goals include a fully aware and informed public, a more complete body of knowledge on child abuse prevention, services available for all, and an informed, well-equipped nationwide network of child abuse prevention organizations.

The Committee defines child abuse as one or more of the following: physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional maltreatment. A current area of concern for the NCPCA is body of multicultural and multiethnic issues that place some children at greater risk for abuse. NCPCA acts as an advocate for children, their families, and abuse prevention.

Much of the work of the NCPCA is concentrated in the areas of research, training, and public awareness, and findings are made available to its members in a monthly memo. Among its many services, NCPCA also publishes monographs, booklets, and pamphlets, furnishes technical assistance and consulting services, sponsors workshops and seminars, and provides training for professionals and volunteers.

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National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse
Address: 332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60604-4357
Telephone: (312) 663-3520
TDD: (312) 663-3540

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