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Although Anne Morrow Lindbergh catapulted into the headlines with her 1929 marriage to celebrated aviator Charles Lindbergh, she has achieved widespread recognition for her own writings in the fields of aviation and conservation. Lindbergh recounted her journey with her husband to China in North to the Orient and told of their 30,000-feet-above-the-ground survey of Atlantic air routes in Listen! The Wind. These works attracted critical attention for their sensitive literary style; they also made Anne Lindbergh's travels the subject of public interest. It was with the publication of Gift from the Sea (1955), however, that Lindbergh earned her place as one of the leading advocates of the nascent environmental movement. The work, often described as a "love letter" to nature, became a national best seller. The public awareness generated by Gift from the Sea primed the public for the writings of Rachel Carson and helped make conservation palatable to mainstream America.

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This section contains 246 words
(approx. 1 page at 300 words per page)
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