what are 4 examples of Energy transformation?

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From a practical perspective, we have:

  1. A lightbulb, where electrical energy is transformed into light energy (usefull) and heat (wasted)
  2. A hydroelectric generator, where one kinetic energy (moving water) is transformed into another kinetic energy (spinning turbines), which in turn is transformed into electrical energy (useful), sound energy (waste) and heat (waste)
  3. A battery in an electrical circuit where chemical potential energy is transformed into electrical energy
  4. A solar cell where light energy is transformed into electrical energy.

The concept of energy transformation can be illustrated in a number of common activities. An engine, such as the engine in a car, converts the chemical energy of gas and oxygen into the mechanical energy of engine movement. A light bulb changes the chemical energy of the bulb into electromagnetic radiation, or light. Windmills harness the energy of the wind and convert it into mechanical energy in the movement of the turbine blades, which is then converted to electrical energy. Solar panels transform light to electricity.