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Premium Question If the prisoners in Prisoner's dilemma were nonempathetic egoists, should they confess or remain silent?

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In the philosophical and moral question posed by the Prisoner's Dilemma, each prisoner is offered a faustian deal....betray the other and save himself, or assist the other and remain silent. So, the question becomes...what type of men are they? If they were nonempathetic egoists, this would mean that they would throw the other prisoner under the bus immediately in order to save his own skin. This is because someone who is an egoist always acts in his own interest, especially in the immediate gratification department. Remaining silent, even if it would preserve his reputation and result in only a one year sentence (as opposed to 2-3), isn't a rational choice for someone who thinks like this. However, individuals can't always be predicted, and as it is shown, most often in reality the convicts band together in a code of silence which serves them both. Do they understand and inherently know that the other will keep silent? Do they take the chance? 

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