Child sexual abuse

I was raped 5yrs ago, unknown to me that i have infection and my fiancy finds out and he wants to quit the relationship and i don't want to loose him cos I love him very much. pls what should i do?

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Your fiancy should understand that this was not your fault, and you have done nothing wrong....I am with you at any point, you should involve your elders as this is a serious matter.

If i was your fiancy, i had already accepted all the problems boldly.

If still your fiancy dont agree, then he was only loving your virginity, not you.....Simply leave him, because, only marry that person who loves you, not that person to whom you love.

Pray to Almighty Allah that whatever happens, it should be beeter for you......

My all prayers are for you


losing such a pervert who rejects u for something which is not your fault is better than marrying him and losing your whole life with him.

Tell him one last time and if he can accept you for what you are it's ok n if he can't show him your middle finger and bless him that he gets a wife who fantasize about his various neighbours and friends...

come on girl dont act like a poor 19th century depressed, looked down woman believe in your self coz women has power to conuquer the world.. there is no world w/o u and u care about such perverts is not justified

you made a mistake by not screening for pelvic infection as well as sexually transmitted disease after the rape incident, to rule out deadly ones like HIV.Worse still you should have informed him about the results of the tests for infection if they had been done.You are not responsible for raping yourself ,but you are accountable to making sure that you and your boy friend are safe from infection which was transmitted to you via the rape act. This is his reason for quarelling with you.You hid the story and let him get infected.what of if it had been hiv, then he would have been condemned to death for you own ignorance and carelessness.Obviously no man if he finds out will continue the relationship because he doubts your sincerity.Afterall he was not there when you were raped to confirm that you didnot double date.Acknowledge your fault by doing screening for infectins and treating yourself with a repeat tests confirming that the disease was not deadly.He will forgive and forget the matter as soon as the result is out because really no one is above mistake.But do not allow it to happen a second time.