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Mao and the Cultural Revolution

how far was Mao personally responsible for the defeat of his political opponents and the out break of the cultural revolution in the years 1962 to 1966?

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Mao used a heavy hand and completely influenced the cultural revolution. Mao, his wife, and Lin Biao began by publishing the "Little Rad Book", which was distributed to millions. He then pinpointed the youth of China by shutting down the schools and calling for youth mobilization..... something that led to the formation of paramilitary groups. His actions led to factions.... each faction believing they were the group that had interpreted Mao's thoughts the right way. The Red Guard the attacked the elderly, the intellectuals, and successfully removed the communists in power. Unfortunately, the prevalence of factions brought on new and different problems, and in 1967, Mao was forced to send in troops to restore order in the country.