What beliefs pushed Michelangelo to do what he did?

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Every stroke carried his respect and yearning for heaven. Every stroke emphasized a holy and pure mind and a renouncement of worldly attachments. Based on his belief in God, Michelangelo painted the holiness and solemnity of the Kingdom of Heaven. He painted the different consequences of people doing good or evil. He changed the ordinary environment of the chapel into a place of worship for future generations. Because of his belief in God, his works revealed a miracle in all respects. His belief helped him to achieve this brilliant art. From his artwork, one sees that he displayed his belief through his painting. It was the most important thing in his life. From Genesis to the Last Judgment, viewers' minds are deeply touched repeatedly. It seems like one is being unceasingly purged of bad things. Michelangelo did his best to expound his righteous belief in his paintings of the stories in the Bible.

there were no beliefs. he liked to paint. his great painting inspired him to do other works.