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Who is The Children of God from The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii and what is their importance? The_Secrets_and_Mysteries_of_Hawaii English & Literature The Children of God | The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii

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The Children of God were also known as the Children of the Rainbow and are from Hawaiian legend. They existed when it was believed that the Hawaiian Islands were at the tip of the legendary continent called the Kingdom of Le Muria, which was known as Mu. The Children of the Rainbow had a spiritual link with the God force of the Universe. This God force, or huna, permeated the lives of the people. Then they began to lose their connection. They took their game too seriously and they always played games. They somehow crossed the thin line between innocence and ignorance. Those who were the stewards of the God force began to withhold their wisdom, and others began to do the same thing. They didn't notice when the Rainbow began to fade. The people weren't as happy as they used to be and their passion for game playing became less intense.