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Who is Andy Masen from Cujo and what is their importance? Cujo English & Literature Andy Masen | Cujo

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Andy Masen is the investigator for the DA's office. Masen is a logical man who has his whole life planned out, a plan that includes a prestigious political career. Masen is in charge of the Trenton case. The fact that Donna's Pinto is missing bothers Masen, and he interrogates Vic repetitively about it, but cannot see any logical explanation for its disappearance along with Donna and Tad. When Vic mentions that Donna might have taken the car to Camber's, Masen cannot see a logical reason why Donna might not have been able to get help from there; therefore, he does not see a reason to investigate the possibility. For this reason, Masen focuses on Kemp, delaying Donna and Tad's rescue long enough for Tad to succumb to dehydration.