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How does the conclusion end with the ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN.

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The doctor explains everything that happened and even tells them that Jim is a good person because he risked his freedom to help Tom. Huck is glad that they decide not to hang him and to treat him a little bit nicer.
Eventually Tom wakes up, and he tells Aunt Sally about how he and Huck freed Jim. She is shocked and wants to give them a good beating. Just as he is finished explaining everything, Aunt Polly walks in. She lets Aunt Sally know that Sid is really Tom, and Tom is really Huck Finn. Aunt Polly appears after hearing about Sid's arrival in a letter from Aunt Sally. She knew immediately that something was wrong. Tom finds out that Jim is being kept in the shed again, and gets very annoyed. He tells them that Jim is really free because Miss Watson freed him in her will after she died two months ago. Aunt Polly offers to adopt Huckleberry Finn. Tom tells Huck that his father is dead. Huck and Tom go off to play.