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how can i outline (achieving a goal) for an essay

am suppose to write an essay about achieving a goal in college.

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Regardless of the subject matter, most essays follow a similar outline. There is an introduction, three points made in the body of the essay, and a conclusion paragraph. Using the topic of success or achieving a goal in college, one could construct the following sample outline.

Introduction: begin with a quote, a descriptive passage or some interesting statistic about what it is that you are trying to acheive. The very last sentence of this paragraph generally will hold your thesis. A simple thesis about this topic might look something like this: In order to succeed in making friends this year, I will need to speak to others, offer to help someone, join a club.

Point one: Speaking to others. Give an example of how you might achieve this, under what circumstances one might find oneself speaking with others.

Point Two: offer to help someone. List examples of when you might help someone, and what their reactions might possibly be and how that could result in your making friends with someone.

Point Three: Join a club. Point out that this is a good way to meet people who already have something in common with you. Give specific details about this.

Conclusion: restate your thesis, make a thought provoking statement or question.