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hello sir , i m doing M.SC in clinical research . i decided to choose peptic ulcer as my thesis topic but i m confused about title of the thesis .. need some guidance , give me some title . thanks

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took the WW-2 very seriously.After his invasion of Poland and subsequent declaration of war against Germany by both France and Britain, He stealthly,

overan Europe under 5days, occupying France and Italy.He killed the Italian general mitchelino, and was almost successful in the Battle of Britain but for the sacrifice of the 12-24 RAF young pilots who sunk his advancing war ships.

He had a morbid hatred as well as fear for the Jews hence the Holocaust event, that terminated six million jewish lives.He just did not want to hear anything semitic.Naturally when one is power, it is known that ,Power intoxicates and absolute power ointoxicates absolutely,such was the case of Hitler.He had absolute Power then, so felt that he could as well do as he imagined as happened during the Babylonian era.Nebuchadnezzar was responsible for wiping outthe Philistines race since during their days kings could do as they wished.However times have changed and as you can see from the case of saddam hussein, even Kings can also be brought to judgement nowadyas.

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