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Discuss Christopher's relationship with his father and how it changes in the novel. Compare this with his relationship with his mother.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time

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Christopher's relationship with his father changes, not because his father changes, but because Christopher, himself, changes. This happens when he uncovers the truth about the dead dog and the situation between his mother and his father. He goes from viewing his father as this larger than life kind of guy, to an ordinary guy, to hating him, back to loving him in spite of his problems.
there is the love represented in a falmiy situation (Sebastian and Viola) and the heartache that comes with losing a sibling. there is the unrequited love between Orsino and Olivia. he loves her and smothers her, but she wants nothing of him. this love is also showed in Olivia's love for Caesario/Viola and Caesario/Viola's love for Orsino.there is the comfortable kind of love shared between Maria and Sir Toby. they are always in cahoots together and spending time with each other. it's the kind of love that grows between two friends who are afraid of loving each other for fear that it would ruin their friendship.there is also lust in the case of Malvolio and Olivia. he wants her and is tricked by Maria and Sir Toby into thinking she wants him back.and then there is the small scenes between Sebastian and his shipwreck rescuer Antonio. this love is open for interpretation. it can be read that Antonio and Sebastian have a brotherly, male-comrade, type of love for each other. but in some modern interpretations, there is a homoerotic type of love between them that is also unrequited. that at the end when all the lovers are getting married, Antonio is scorned and his character is left without a conclusion to his story.