Z for Zachariah

What are some quotes from Z for Zachariah the book?

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Here are some quotes from Z for Zachariah:

"I just realized that, after all this, I still do not even know his name" (Chapter 5, pg. 53.) She's talking about the fact that she's gone to extreme pains to save this man's life and she doesn't even know who he is really. She's just glad that now she's not alone.

"As I walk, I search the horizon for a trace of green. I am hopeful" (Chapter 26, pg. 249.) This quote is at the end she she's determined that she has to leave her safe little valley. After Mr. Loomis makes it unsafe, and she's had to do some things that she doesn't want to have to face each day, she is headed for the horizon.

"never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna turn aruond and desert you." this shows Anns negativity at deserting the vally and abandoning all her hard work at the farm. This quote also shows Anns forgotten love of Mr Loomis and how he tried to badonkadonk her in the night.