Where the Red Fern Grows

what are 5 personifications in where the red fern grows

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Personification (Red Fern Grows) is when things that are not human are given human characteristics. For example:

“Deep in the heart of the Sparrow Hawk Mountains, night overtook me.” page 46

“Leaves boiled and stirred where my pups were" page 47

“Fascinated, I stood and watched the giant of the bottoms. It seemed to be fighting so hard to keep standing.” page 88

“The deep bass tones rolled around under the tall sycamores, tore their way out of the thick timer, traveled out over the fields, and slammed up against the foothills.” page 102

“…as she darted across an opening that was bathed in moonlight.” page 159

5 personicatios are fudge mY adsd