Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

Summary for chapter 8

I need a summary for chapter 8

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In Chapter Eight, Sound of Running Feet announces that the Ne-mee-poo fought the soldiers again during their march onwards to the land of the Crows. Once more, many more Blue Coats were defeated and the warriors were for the most part alright. Eventually, the Ne-mee-poo reached a peaceful spot from where they could regroup before continuing their journey. But, Swan Necklace informs Sound of Running Feet that there is danger, for the soldiers have camped in a position to block the Ne-mee-poo people’s path. The chiefs decide to go down and speak with the soldiers’ leaders, unarmed, and explain that they have no quarrel with the people of Montana but only with the soldiers of Idaho. The explanation appears to be sufficient for the soldiers to agree to peace, a result which Two Moons and Too-hul-hul-sote seem wary of. They want to fight if it means getting rid of the threat of white people, but for now the Ne-mee-poo appear to be safe from harm by the Blue Coats. They pack up again, leaving behind the heavier items like teepee poles, for they are now experienced in moving endlessly from place to place.