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Why is Okonkwo forced to leave his homeland for seven years?

To write in scientific notation you will move the decimal to the right until  it is between the 3 and 4--count the spaces and that is the number to the power of that will be recorded


3.41 move the decimal 4 spaces

3.41 X 1o^-4 it is negative because you are dealing with a number less than 0

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Okonkwo is forced to leave his homeland and seek refuge in his mother’s tribe because he accidentally caused the death of another person. During a funeral, Okonkwo’s gun explodes and a piece of flying shrapnel from the weapon kills a boy. Even though the death was clearly accidental, the laws of the people have no shades of gray in respect to murder. Okonkwo is punished as a murderer even though the death was not intentional.
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