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Why do the people of this Nigerian tribe mutilate the bodies of dead infants?

It is given that the decimal falls behind the last zero in whole numbers


You will move the decimal until it is between the first two numbers 


Count how many spaces you have to move the decimal as this is the "to the power of" number

8 spaces=10^8

it is positive because the number is larger than zero

2.59 X 10^8

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The people believe that these babies possess a spirit known as an ogbanje. This spirit torments its parents by inhabiting the body of a infant for only a short time, then leaving, resulting in the death of the child. It is believed that if the body that houses that spirit is mutilated, the spirit will not want to return. The people claim that even after mutilation, the spirit still returns with the next baby born bearing the scars of the mutilation done to the body of the first baby.
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