The Yellow Wallpaper

what is the attitude towards women in the short novel the yellow wallpaper and how has it changed to reflect todays society

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The attitude towards women, as reflected by the males, is very patriarchal. Women are treated as incapable to think for themselves and any outlet for creativity is crushed and destroyed. This is the reason why the narrator retreats into her mind. In today's society, we still live in a patriarchal society, however, women have much more freedom of expression than they did in previous eras.

Also, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a short story, not a novel. Your teacher/professor might mark you off for not properly identifying what type of literary work you're writing about.

The overall attitude towards women in this story and the victorian era is that they are fragile, and week, and completely dispensable. Most particularly this is the view of women in the upper economic stratus. They are there simply to entertain the men in their lives. IF they are unable to perform those duties, they are without value. The pragonist in The Yellow Wallpaper sufers some malady, and her husband sends her away to "recuperate". Her weakness makes her an embarrassment to her family. Any woman who can not take care of her husband and family is not worthy and must be sequestered away from the public eye. The isolation she experiences sends her into a depression, which deepens until she has gone completely insane.