The Worldly Philosophers

Who is John Maynard Keynes from The Worldly Philosophers and what is their importance?

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Keynes was a depression era economist. He is credited with being the father of modern Macroeconomics. Born in 1883 and educated at Eton, Keynes went onto work in the India Office in 1907 for two years. He wrote a book, Indian Currency and Finance, which earned him an appointment on a Royal Commission investigating the Indian currency problem. He then went on to Cambridge, where he served as the editor of the Economic Journal, a position he held for thirty-three years.

Keynes published The Economic Consequences of the Peace after holding a position at the Peace Conference at the end of World War I. His other published works include the 1923 Tract on Monetary Reform, Treatise on Probability, Treatise on Money, and The General Theory of Employment. Keynes was also active in designing the post-World War II international monetary system at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.


The Worldly Philosophers