The Sea-Wolf

What is best 2 themes of the sea wolf by Jack London from the below?

1.appearnce vs reality
2.alienated man(existentialism)
3.mechanized world taking over
4.death of the american dream

5.end of traditional spritiuality

6.class struggle(communism/socialism)


8.women's role in society

9.racial equality/inequality

10.traditional vs. modern values

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The Sea-Wolf is an example of symbolic naturalism, a novel that is simultaneously a study of environmental conditioning and a symbolic tale of initiation, a ritual of death and rebirth. I believe the main theme of the book is that people who are not self-sufficient will not survive.

If I was to pick two of the themes in your list above I would pick 2.alienated man(existentialism) and 6. class struggle(communism/socialism)