The Road

I'm writing an essay on how the issue starvation in the book is also a social/cultural concern and does anyone know what it means by: explain how written conventions have influenced your reading?

I know that conventions means something that is normal but i do no understand written conventions and how i can work that into my essay.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! :)

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Think of writing conventions in terms of techniques or literary devices.

Make a list of literary terms that could be applied to the novel and explore these in terms of your issue (starvation - social/cultural concerns.

i.e., imagery

The issue of starvation weaves throught the entire book as a recurring motif. In essence, all of the characters are starving for the basics, but also for the intangible: stability, safety, love, concern, belonging. One of the conventions used would be imagery especially the one scene wherre they see a newborn infant being cooked over a fire.