The Pilgrim's Progress

Who is Christian and Faithful's reaction to the fair? What did they say they want to buy?

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What are seen in the fair are cheats, games, fools, rouges and the kinds. Christian and Faithful were asked by the men, where they came from, where they will go and why they were in such unusual garments. They said to the men that they were strangers in the world and are going to heavenly Jerusalem and that they don't have any interest to the town nor to the merchandise they were selling. And so, they have no reason to abuse them and simply let them continue their journey. Someone ask what they would want to buy, and they replied that they only want to buy the truth, with that, the men in the fair beat them, put dirt in them, and put them on a cage that they will be a spectacle for everyone in the fair to see. The two were put on trial by Lord Hate-God and Superstition, Pich-Thank and Envy testified againts Faithful, and finally Faithful was sentenced to death in this town Vanity, ruled by Vanity Fair.