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Why does Clary need to go to Idris? Why does she go illegally? What consequences might there be to this action?

Holt McDougal Larson Algebra 1 Common Core Edition page ep9 number 66

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Clary needs to go to Idris in order to find Ragnor Fell, the magician who is though to have the answer to waking Jocelyn from her coma. However, Jace has arranged for Clary to miss the portal to Idris because he is worried for her safety. Clary goes alone, making her own portal with runes she sees in her mind, new runes like some others she has created. This could cause problems for Clary since traveling to Idris without permission is illegal. It immediately causes Clary to fall into a poisoned lake, causing her to hallucinate on the walk to the city.
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