The Merchant of Venice

Write a summary of Act 2, Scene 8.


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Salarino and Solanio are discussing the scene, when Shylock realizes that Lorenzo and Jessica had ran off together. Shylock appeals to the Duke to search Bassanio's ship, but they are too late, for Bassanio has already sailed. Antonio leads them off the path, saying that he saw them on a gondola. Shylock is visibly upset by both the loss of his daughter and his ducats. The two men voice concern for Antonio's debt, for if he is unable to pay, Shylock will be ready for vengeance at his loss. The concern is great, for there are rumors that Antonio's ships were wrecked in the English Channel. Solanio tells Salarino that he needs to tell Antonio what he has heard, but that he should tell him in time. The men feel that Antonio is too sad now that Bassanio has left, and so they go to cheer him up.


The Merchant of Venice