The Merchant of Venice

How has the merchant of venice change your perspective/ way of thinking?

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This play shows love in all of its messy glory. Portia fears that if she finds a man to love, the chest test will prevent her from marrying him. Jessica and Lorenzo love one another, but because they are from two different religions, they cannot marry each other. Their love leads Jessica to flee her father, taking with her money to pay for their marriage and the beginning of a life together.Antonio's love for his friend is so strong that, despite his probable ruin, he's happy to see Bassanio go, knowing that he's on his way to be with the woman he loves. Antonio finds vicarious happiness through his friend's strong emotions. Bassanio and Portia are clearly in love with one another - they want to marry, but find themselves bound by the arbitrary rule set by her father. Portia doesn't want to say goodbye to Bassanio forever, so he asks him to delay choosing a chest - if this is going to be the last time she ever sees Bassanio, she wants it to last as long as possible. Bassanio, on the other hand, can't bear delaying his choice any longer. He can't bear to live another moment not knowing if he's going be able to marry Portia and spend the rest of his life with her.
What all this shows you is how love finds a way despite all of the obstacles thrown in the way.