The Merchant of Venice

full summary of merchant of venice in 300 words

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Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice takes place in Italy where Antonio (a merchant) is sad and can't understand why. His friend Bassanio is broke and feels that the girl he loves is out of his league because of his financial status. Antoinio wants to loan his friend some money but all of his capital is tied up at the moment. He takes out a loan with a Jewish money lender named Shylock (who hates Antonio because he's prejudiced). Shylock tells him that the loan has to be repaid in three month's or Antonia will owe him a pound of flesh.

Meanwhile, Portia's father (the rich girl that Bassanio loves) has a condition for all suitors to his daughter. They have to all choose from one of three caskets that he has displayed. One has a portrait of her in it. If the suitor chooses it, then he can marry her. But, if he chooses the other caskets then they must leave the area and never marry another. Bassanio's friend Larenzo elopes with Shylocks daughter, and Bassanio chooses the right casket with Portia's picture. Portia agrees to marry him on the spot.

Antonio's finances are in a bad way because his ships have been wrecked and lost at sea. He is afraid that he will have no way to repay Shylock. Bassanio hears about what Antoino has done and he hurries back to his friend, leaving Portia behind to wait. However, Portia doesn't listen and follows him disguised as her nurse, Nerissa. Bassanio offers to pay double what Antonio owes but shylock won't hear of it. He's ticked that his daughter has eloped with a Christian. The Duke intervenes and says that shylock can have his pound of flesh as long as it doesn't draw blood. Furthermore things turn against shylock when all of his money is taken from him for making such a bargain and half is given to venice and half is given to Antonio, who gives it back to shylock on the condition that shylock make peace with his daughter. Finally, Antonio hears that his other ships have made it safely to port. Everyone is happy.