The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Who is June McAllister from The Memory Keeper's Daughter and what is their importance?

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The reader knows of June only through her brother, David's memories. She was born a small, wan child who suffers from a heart defect. She is the focus of her parents' attention, and David, although he loves her dearly, holds some resentment toward his parents. June, who loved to sing, died at twelve years old and David watched his mother's horrible grief. June and David were close as siblings and he misses her. His mother is never the same and she eventually moves away, never seeing David again. June is the reason that David decided to withhold the truth about Phoebe from Norah. He could not bear to see Norah go through with Phoebe what his family had gone through with June, and he feels the prognosis for Phoebe is bad.