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What happened to the gold that disappeared from Crosbie Wells’ safe? How was his wife involved? How was Francis Carver involved?
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Lydia Wells and Francis Carver took the gold from Crosbie Wells' safe. Lydia sewed the gold into the lining of several dresses to hide it from customs. They use the dresses and Wells' birth certificate to blackmail Alistair Lauderback out of his ship, the Godspeed. They lose the dresses when Crosbie has the crate removed from Godspeed and placed on another ship, which then goes down near the Hokitika harbor. Anna purchases the dresses when they are recovered from the shipwreck. Ah Quee then takes the gold from the dresses and smelts it as if it came from the Aurora mine. Emery Staines buries it in the Arahura Valley near Crosbie Wells' cabin.
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