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How is revenge pivotal to the plot of the story? How many murders does it lead to and how does this affect the other characters?
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Revenge is a pivotal part of the story. Crosbie wants revenge on Carver for stealing his gold. He carves a "C" in Carver's face. Carver then seeks revenge against Crosbie. He finds out where he is from Tauwhare. Tauwhare then kills Carver for killing Crosbie Wells, who was Tauwhare's friend. Sook seeks revenge against Carver for getting his father murdered for opium trading. Sook is wrongly accused of the murder of George Shepard's brother in Sydney. He was actually killed by his wife Margaret who killed him because he was abusive. George Shepard seeks revenge against Sook and kills him when Sook is about to take his revenge on Carver. Deceit leads George Shepard to take revenge against an innocent man. Wells' death affects many men in the town and they vow to bring his murderer to justice. This unites the twelve men gathered in the hotel. They decide to tell their story to Walter Moody, hoping that he will be able to see a pattern to the events that they cannot see.
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