The House of the Scorpion

what choices does matt make during the course of the novel and pages can they be found on

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In the House of the Scorpion, Matt changes. At first his life is simple, but when he breaks out of the house (first of many choices) his life changes. He is taken to the Big House on the Alacran Estate where they basically treat him like an animal. When El Patron learns of how Matt has been treated he demands that he be released and treated well. Matt also makes a choice to learn about things that exist outside of the poppy fields. One of the things that he learns is that he is a clone of El Patron and that clones are raised exclusively for body parts for the original. This horrifies him, but he quickly reasons that El Patron would not bother educating him if he were going to kill him. During this time Matt makes the choice to start taking low doses of arsenic, so that in the event he is called up to provide an organ, it will not be viable. El Patron has a heart attack and needs a new heart, but Matt's heart is not usable. El Patron dies and the others are going to kill Matt because he is no longer useful. Instead, Matt chooses to run away (with Celia's help). Finally, Matt makes the ultimate choice at the end, to return to Opium and to stay on as the new El Patron, making right what his former self made wrong.