The Haunting of Hill House

what are some quotations in the book that relate closely to the theme of the theme of the book? The theme is Destructive Force of Fear and Isolation

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"Luke Sanderson was a liar. He was also a thief. His aunt, who was the owner of Hill House, was fond of pointing out that her nephew had the best education, the best clothes, the best taste and the worst companions of anyone she had ever known; she would have leaped at any chance to put him safely away for a few weeks." Chapter 1, pg. 9
"She had taken to wondering lately, during these swift-counted years, what had been done with all those wasted summer days; how could she have spent them so wantonly?" Chapter 1, pg. 13
"It was an act of moral strength to lift her foot and set it on the bottom step and she thought that her deep unwillingness to touch Hill House for the first time came directly from the vivid feeling that it was waiting for her, evil, but patient." Chapter 2, pg. 27