The Great Gatsby

When does Daisy choose Tom?

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No business seems to do well there. They sort of limp along. A good representative of this is George Wilson. He's described as ashen and washed out, and we learn that he has had business troubles and is practically destitute. He lives in the Valley of the Ashes. Also, note, that it is located between old money(East Egg) and new money (West Egg), which symbolically shows how the Valley of Ashes came to be.

Daisy does tell (or at least shows) Gatsby that she loves him, but it is very telling when she has her baby and she hopes that the little girl will be a beautiful fool. This shows her regret at her situation and how though she is in love with one man, she chooses the wealth and stability of Tom (even if he is a louse). This happens toward the end of the story.