The Diary of a Young Girl

Why is Anne Frank's diay so important?

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Anne Frank's diary is important because it is a first-hand account of what the Jews went through in Germany during WWII. Anne Frank describes trying to avoid the Nazis and what being in a concentration camp was like. It is also important because it is from a child's persepective. Many diaries were written by adults but this one is through the eyes of a young girl which makes it even more appealing to younger readers. Anne Frank's diary transports you back in time so that you can almost experience the horrors that she went through and feel thankful of the world today.
Anne's diary is so imporatatn, becasue it gives us valuable insight into the life of a jew in hiding during wwII, becasue there are very few first hand accounts. It reminds us that the victims were real, relatable peolpe.
Her diary was and still is a reminder of how war affects the children who must endure it. It stands as a reminder of how much innocent life was lost.