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Why have the Franks been forced into hiding?

The first born son to King Cynric, Wulfgar was educated elsewhere and is described as having returned with some exotic ideas. Wulfgar is the only one of the three sons who has facial hair, sporting a goatee that Janine thinks looks sexy. Prince Wulfar returns to the castle with much more than just exotic ideas. He is able to change himself at will into a wolf. In one of Janine's earlier lives in the game, he uses his wolf alter ego to kill her in the garden maze. In yet another life, Janine engages his specific talents as a wolf to help her to locate the treasure in the catacombs. He does so, but only after she insists he take the magic ring Janine has and swears to keep her safe. When Janine arranges to go to the dragon's lair to retrieve the barbarians Midas crown, she requires help from the magic users in the realm. Orielle, whose specialty is potions, offers to create a strength potion for her, but in payment she wants Wulfgar as her husband. Wulfgar agrees.

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During the reign of Adolf Hitler as dictator in Germany, he ordered the killings of Jews and other people whom he felt were racially inferior. Jews are sent call up orders to report to work camps or concentration camps. In the Frank family it is Margot, Anne’s older sister who receives the call up first. If Margot does not register, the whole family faces the chance of being arrested. Because they don’t want their daughter in a work camp, Otto and Edith Frank put their plans to go into hiding on fast forward.
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