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Why are the Franks and van Daans the families who take refuge in the Secret Annex?

Kenric is the third born son to King Cynric and is overly interested in the magical arts. Kenric is created as one of the game's bad guys, but Janine, through a process of elimination, ends up trusting him and by doing so manages to win the game. Kenric is modeled after Nigel himself. In her first attempt at the game, he stops the Queen from ordering Janine's death when he reminds them that she has been seen entering the castle by many people already.

Kenric has dark hair and his eyes are light. In the game, he often wears black which either symbolizes his state of mourning over the loss of his father; the fact that he looks good in black; or the fact that it is a game hint that he is usually considered to be a bad guy.
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The office building in which the Secret Annex is located houses the businesses once owned by Otto Frank. The men who buy out Frank’s businesses, as well as the office staff know the Franks and know they will be taking refuge there. Herman van Daan is one of Frank’s business partners and once also worked in the office building where the Secret Annex is located. Both families decide late to allow Albert Dussel, a dentist, to join them.
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