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What precautions do the Franks, Van Daans and Dussel take to prevent people from discovering their hiding place?

Abas is the second son, who Sir Deming describes as having incredible prowess physically, in the classical sense of the expression. Abas has the appearance of having just emerged from a Hercules movie of old. He has large, bulging muscles that are more than obvious in an outfit that was made mostly out of leather and metal studs. He has a healthy, bronzed appearance, with skin that is toned and slick. Abas sees himself as a muscle man and is inordinately proud of his physical prowess. He can be distracted from just about anything simply by asking him for details about a battle or contest of some kind. Prince Abas and Orielle conspire to poison Janine in one of her lifetimes, Orielle pretending to be her friend.

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First, they sew curtains to cover the widows so that no one can look into their rooms. During the day they are not allowed to lift these curtains even a little bit to look outside as it would give away their location. They are required to be quiet during the night and evening hours when the office is closed as outsiders might hear the noise and turn them in. This means they can’t talk above a whisper, run water, flush the toilet or have lights on. Although the residents are generally allowed to go about business during office hours, they must be quiet if there are workers or strangers in the office.
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