The Deep End of the Ocean

Who is Rosie and Angelo Cappadora and Bill Kerry from The Deep End of the Ocean and what is their importance?

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Rosie and Angelo Cappadora are old-school Italian Americans. Rosie is quiet and nurturing. Angelo, who is described as an emotional man, is the head of the family and the owner of restaurants. Rosie and Angelo's children are close to their parents, and the family shares a deep bond. As grandparents, they are sensitive and loving, providing Vincent with a positive influence.

Beth's father, Bill Kerry, is described as a nice man who is concerned about his family, but who is generally aloof and keeps himself removed from people. His emotional detachment might explain why Beth is emotionally absent from her family. Bill is a minor character in the story, but his demeanor and attitude are important to understanding Beth. Bill is an alcoholic.


The Deep End of the Ocean