The Deep End of the Ocean

Who is Pat Cappadora from The Deep End of the Ocean and what is their importance?

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Pat Cappadora is from a large Italian family, whose bonds are unshakeable. He is involved in his family's restaurant business, and he never gives up on being successful. As Beth's husband, he is the more loving to their children, and he displays an enormous amount of patience with his wife, who does not naturally possess a lot of motherly qualities.

Ben's disappearance devastates Pat, but with the help of his family, he gets through the loss of with some sense of dignity. When twelve year old Ben, or Sam, returns to home, Pat doesn't see the logic in allowing Ben to return to the father he has known, as Ben is his child, and he should stay with the family. In this case, however, Beth proves herself to be the logical one, and she insists that Ben be able to choose where to live. Pat gives in, but he isn't happy about it.

Pat is described as an honest, reliable man, the traits that Beth most appreciates about him. He is a hard-working, devoted to his family, and appreciative of his blessings.


The Deep End of the Ocean