The Count of Monte Cristo

What happens in Chapters 64 -70 in The Count of Monte Cristo?

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Chapter 64: Caderousse has escaped from prison, and he demands that Benedetto pay him an allowance of 200 francs per month.

Chapter 65: Mr. and Mrs. Danglers have a major fight about her indescretions and fraudulent business practices...especially when they cost him losses.

Chapter 66: Mr. Danglars visits the Count and tells him that he wants his daughter, Eugénie, to marry Andrea Cavalcanti instead of Albert de Morcerf. The Count tells Danglar to be sure of his facts and sends him on his way.

Chapter 67: Mrs. Danglars visits Villefort at his office and both of them worry that the Count might know about their past. They determine to find anything dirty on the Count that they can use against him. They plan to find out what he knows and who he really is.

Chapter 68: The Morcerf's party

Chapter 69: Villefort, trying to find out more about the Count's history, visits two people...both of whom ARE the Count disguised. He gives Villefort information about the Count (obviously all made up).

Chapter 70: Mercedes becomes intrigued by the Count, who attends the ball but does not eat or drink.