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Analysis of the Comedians by Graham Greene

stylistic analysis and plot structure, composition of "the Comedians" by Graham Greene, conflict and theme of the novel

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Greene writes this literary work about the characters that he met when traveling to Haiti (never happened of course....he's a writer). His Catholic background comes through in this work as he makes biting remarks about all religions as well as the Catholic faith. Stylistically he uses realism and simplicity of word choice to keep the momentum moving and to provide context for characterization. Interestingly enough, most of the characters all share a similar issue, which is that they are all lost in some way, and are searching for roots, belonging. Most of them have few moral compasses. Much in the nature of A Modest Proposal, Greene comes through as being very critical of the US policy toward other countries. He shows America as being concerned only about itself and irreponsible when it comes to the consequences of its own actions. 

Most of Greene's langauge is deceptively simple and straightforward, which allows the narrator to be viewed as being very naive. He usese insights to reinforce the theme by using situations that are both realistic and sentimental. 



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