The Canterville Ghost

character sketch of all the persons in the novel The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

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The two main characters in Oscar Wilde's short story, The Canterville Ghost, are Virginia and Sir Simon.
Sir Simon is the ancient ghost that is haunting his ancestral home, Canterville Chase. For more than 300 years he has been successfully terrifying the occupants. Now, with the Americans moving in, he is at a loss as to how to frighten them. He died in the late 1500's when his wife's brothers starved him to death. They did this to him because he supposedly killed his wife (their sister) because she was a bad housekeeper and was plain. Before he crosses over, he gives Virginia a box of jewels.
Virginia Otis is the 15 year old daughter of the Americans that move into Canterville Chase. She is not given to the antics of her brothers and does not enjoy tormenting or trapping the ghost. She truly wants to understand. She agrees to pray for Sir Simon so that he can go to his eternal rest. She is interested in the Duke of Chesire.
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