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How will having been in a mental institution affect Esther's future? Does Esther believe she is cured? Why or why not?

Mrs. Lloyd is the high school librarian. She is also the teacher of the Really Modern Literature Class that Eddie is enrolled. Mrs. Lloyd chooses and assigns the book, Warren Peece, to the class. When the reverend and his followers try to have the book banned, Mrs. Lloyd fights against it. After the school board officially bans this book and other books from the high school library, Mrs. Lloyd quits working at the high school and starts working at the city library.

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Esther will have a difficult time reintegrating to society. She did not tell Irwin that she was in a mental institution and had him drive her to Joan's apartment rather than back to the Belsize after their night together. She did not want him to know because of the stigma that society places on mental illness. Esther knew that he would look at her differently if he knew. Buddy hints at this when he asks Esther who will marry her now. He knows that it will be difficult for her to find someone who will accept her having been in a mental institution. Esther knows this as well and knows it will be difficult to face her future with people knowing about her past. However, she feels strong enough to meet the challenge. Esther believes she is ready to leave Belsize, but is scared that she will never escape her depression. She knows that the bell jar will always be hovering above her and she will have to struggle to keep it at bay. It will not be easy, but she is determined to resume her life and not let herself be stifled by her depression.
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