The Amber Spyglass

Who is Lyra from The Amber Spyglass and what is their importance?

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Lyra from The Amber Spyglass is the protagonist of this series (this is the third book). Lyra IS the new Eve and the Church is hunting her down because of it. She has a natural gift; to be able to read the Alethiometer (a device that always tells the truth). She has a personal daemon named, Pan. She is a very conflicted character because she is coming of age in a time and place that is bent on the destruction of old ideas and the introduction of the new, and not without a great deal of upheaval. She seems to be the pivot point upon which most of this rests. She is assisted in this novel with a boy named Will, whom she falls in love with. her father is Lord Asriel and her mother is the infamous Mrs. Coulter. Neither of her parents have acted as parents toward her in any way.