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What promise did Cassie make to Sammy? Why does Evan try to stop her from fulfilling this promise? What does this suggest about Evan?

Lord Onyx is a wizard of Roke who is one of the High King Lebannen's councillors at Havnor. He takes part in the major events by accompanying the King when he goes to parley with the dragons and seeks to understand what is happening to Alder.

Onyx appears at first to be a 'typical' wizard of Roke; prideful, conservative and haughty. He distrusts women, Orm Irian and later the Pelnish wizard Seppel when they try to convince him that the magic of Roke is causing the problems of the world.

Although not an overtly unkind man, in the story Onyx represents the traditional and somewhat patriarchal view of the world that is standing in the way of real change occurring in Earthsea.
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Cassie promises Sammy that she will come find him as soon as she can. Evan tries to stop Cassie from doing this, however, because he knows that she is walking into a situation that she cannot control and will likely lead to her death. This shows the reader that Evan both has knowledge of the situation that most humans do not and that Evan loves Cassie enough to want to protect her.
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