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What is EMP? How does this signal that the aliens are not friendly? How do people respond?

Orm Irian appears to be a woman who can turn into a dragon, who was the only woman to ever be schooled at Roke by the Master Patterner, the Master Herbal, the Namer and the Doorkeeper. She appears to be a tall, strong woman of strikingly good looks who deals with other people in a friendly but powerful way.

Irian is actually one of the daughters of Kalessin the Eldest dragon (who could take human form) who was born on Peln and later travelled to Roke to discover her true nature. There she also destroyed the Archmage Thorion, who himself was a dead-man walking, or a person who had died but had clawed his way back from the lands of death through the use of his magical arts. She has now rejoined her dragon family and speaks on their behalf at the Council of Dragons.

Irian is an imposing and proud figure in The Other Wind, who feels strongly the injustice done to the Dragons and the horror that the mage's of Roke are committing by keeping the wall between the dead and the living standing. She cares a little for the humans of the archipelago, seems to side with the dragons who are threatening their invasion.
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EMP is an electronic magnetic pulse that can cause all electrical items near the pulse to stop working. The aliens let off an EMP at the beginning of their invasion in order to cut off all of humanity from the electrical devices they have come to rely on. This suggests hostility on the part of the aliens, but only leaves the humans confused as to its origins.
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