Tess of the d'Urbervilles

Chapter 30 of Tess of the Durbvilles

Can someone plz tell me the summary, what is the theme of ch 30 who are the characters what is the imagery what are the symbols used and are there any important quotes

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• Angel tells Tess that is she will not marry him, he will be forced to leave Talbothays. She asks for time to think it over.

• When Angel asks again, Tess says she will tell him the truth soon. She proceeds to tell him about her family, her shiftless parents, and her connection to the D'Urbervilles. Angel thinks this is the 'secret' and urges her to take the D'Urberville name, in part because he thinks that would impress his parents, who are somewhat snobbish.

• Tess agrees to marry and writes to her mother.