Sharon Olds

give me all the information you can about the life of sharon olds ASAP!!!!!!!!!

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Sharon Olds is a poet who was born in San Francisco, Ca on 11/19/1942. She was educated at Stanford and Columbia Universities, earning her B.A. and Ph.D., respectively.

Among the awards she has won for her poerty are a National Endowment for the Arts grant, a National Book Critics Circle Award, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

Her bibliography includes:

  • Satan Says (1980)
  • The One Girl at the Boys' Party (1983)
  • The Dead and the Living (1984)
  • The Gold Cell. Knopf (1987)
  • The Father (1993)
  • The Wellspring (1996)
  • Blood, Tin, Straw (1999)
  • The Unswept Room (2002)
  • Strike Sparks: Selected Poems (2004)
  • One Secret Thing (2008)