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In Chapter 14 Pretty Shields talks about the slave girl, Feather Woman. What did Frank learn about the Crow way of life?

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In Chapter 14 of Pretty Shields, Medicine Woman, Frank asks Pretty Shields to speak about the slaves that they kept. Pretty Shields shares that the Crow men would take Lakota women as slaves as a spoil of war. One time that she recalled the men came back with almost a hundred women that they'd captured. The Lakota made a deal to get the women back and the deal was made that all men who had a woman there was to come and get their woman. All of the women, but one, were reclaimed. The one that wasn't reclaimed was named Feather Woman. They didn't want her back because she had killed her man. The Crow took her in and for many years she lived not as a slave, but as one of them. Later they had to kill her, though, because she went back to her evil ways.

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