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Describe the friends Victor makes as a result of his newspaper route and the changes they cause in Victor’s life.

from the glory field book section 2

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Victor makes many friends while substituting in his friend’s newspaper route. Three of these friends have a profound impact on Victor’s life. One of these is Mrs. Worthington. Mrs. Worthington is a bored housewife with a drinking problem. Victor develops a crush on Mrs. Worthington, but also realizes she needs help and he is not equipped to offer this help. However, when Victor is presented with an opportunity to help Mam, as he would like to help Mrs. Worthington, his experience allows him to do so without hesitation. Victor meets Mr. Spiro. Mr. Spiro is a highly educated man who understands Victor’s stutter to such a degree that he helps him communicate more efficiently. Mr. Spiro also answers many questions Victor has regarding adults and the adult world. Mr. Spiro also introduces to Victor the idea of philosophy. Although Victor becomes angry with Mr. Spiro for leaving town at the end of the book, Mr. Spiro has opened a new world to Victor and given him words and ideas to contemplate. This helps Victor to gain confidence in himself and the things he has to say. Victor meets TV Boy. TV Boy is a young boy on Victor’s paper route who is always watching a silent television. Victor learns that TV Boy is deaf and he watches the television to learn how to read lips. TV Boy seems to be a perfect friend for Victor because they both have disabilities, but the disabilities could become mute if Victor can learn to communicate with his hands. This helps expand Victor’s idea of what makes a friend and his empathy for people with disabilities.
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